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Document Management ( MPS)


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The workplaces are changing under the combined trends towards mobility, data analytics, cloud computing and social media, and customers need to understand how the role of MPS is changing with it.

Managed print services are a services-led offering that helps companies solve their pain points typically around the costs, management, and/or document processes by delivering continuous improvements – particularly around organisations’ document and output environments.

Through the use of innovative hardware (Xerox AltaLink and Versalink products as well as HP Pagewide range) utilising market leading software (Xerox Device Agent, PaperCut, Equitrac, Nuance suit of software) with these tools were Empowering the customers to realise better customer values.


Assess and optimize - Secure and integrate- Automate and simplify

Managed Print Services (MPS) is about more than just printers – it is everything related to printers, their output, supplies and support, the way you use documents, and the people and processes that intersect with each of these. MPS helps you gain visibility and control of document processes and costs. This ultimately saves money, automates steps, boosts productivity, and improves document security and environmental sustainability.

Whether documents are paper or digital, they’re necessary to help serve customers and drive business. Yet, most companies don’t know how much time and money they spend on document processes and printing devices. We’ll help you gain control of your documents and save as much as 30% in the process.

Every client is unique and understanding your specific needs requires a company that has a fundamental understanding of your business and the environment you operate in. At DigiPress our many years of experience in this specialised sector gives us the ability to provide our clientele with factual information of the market and a variety of ways to increase your business profitability.

With a proven track record, we excel in problem-solving skills, good judgement moving companies forward through initiative, business and profitability growth knowledge and a high level of communication abilities as Production Specialist’s. We assist in confirming correct product specifications, arrange adjustments & sample prints. We build business modules to ensure you constantly increase business revenue and stream line your business as well as being more productive with in your business.

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